Admission Process

The admission process starts with a guided school visit and an informal meeting with the directress or the administrator. Upon registration, the parent must bring the child to meet the directress or the administrator.

Admission Requirement

To enroll your child or children in our school, please submit the following documents:

  • IMM enrollment form
  • 3 Passport sized photographs
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Copy of child’s House Registration (local only)
  • Copy of child’s immunization records
  • Copy of father’s ID card or Passport
  • Copy of mother’s ID card or Passport

Upon Registration your child will be allocated to a class depending on his/her year level and a date of commencement. If there are no spaces available, your child will be placed on the IMM waiting list.

Admission Procedure

The school admits children from the age of 15months to 10 years. Programs and activities are made available to all students at the school. We also provide a potty training program for our nursery students.

Before we enroll a student, we would prefer to meet with the parents as well as the child. We do not discriminate against children with emotional or physical handicaps.

Each child will be considered individually, based on the child's ability to benefit from our program and how the child will adapt and integrate him/herself into the school environment. Each child is admitted on a probationary period for three months. In rare cases, we may ask a parent to withdraw their child from school because of severe behavioral problems.

We also pay close attention to parents and will give preference to those parents who take an active interest in their child’s education at the school, can devote sufficient time to their child’s needs and are willing to listen to suggestions and implement a program of action for the development of their child.

Above all, we are looking for parents who can provide a loving and nurturing home environment, take responsibility for bringing their child to school at a consistent time, pay attention to their food and clothing requirements and are responsive to the needs of their child at school.

Important Document

Enrolment Form
School Calendar


Pho Sein Campus

Phone: (+951) 546097 and 546761
55(B), Pho Sein Road, Bahan Township,
Yangon, Myanmar

10th Mile Campus

Phone: (+951) 533360 and 533366
45/55(C), Airport Road Lane(1), Insein Township,
Yangon, Myanmar

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